Spare Parts
Spark plug cover
manufactured in italy manufactured in italy since 1947

Spark Plugs range 04999 NOT suitable fo motorcycles with electronic ignition!
Code 04999   :  For plugs without olivet nut, diam. 3,9 mm
Code 04999/A:  For plugs with olive nut, diam 6,3 mm
To provide perfect electrical insulation, these plug cups by ARIETE are made of sophisticated silicone elastomers. The internal metal components are turned from solid brass to give the highest possible electrical performance, and where necessary, these are fitted with radio-suppressing devices, to satisfy current regulations. The quality of the final product makes them highly appreciated by competition riders, and the wide range available means that we have caps to suit almost any type of power unit.

Spark Plugs range 09965 NOT suitable for motorcycles with electronic ignition !
Code 09965: red
Code 09965/A: black
Code 09965-A: blue
--Spark plug cap
--Availbale in 3 colors
--For standard plugs with olive nut, diam 6,3 mm
--Sold in packs of 5 plugs

Code 12949/S  grey, in silicone rubber
-- Suitable for motorcycles with electronic ignition
-- 5.000 Ohm resistance
-- High performance ceramic resistor
-- Suits 6,4 mm dia. SAE spark plug nut
-- Totally waterproof
-- Available in 2 versions:
-- Insulation with EPDM isolated rubber 
-- High insulation with SILICONE rubber