Off Road
Grip glue superbond
manufactured in italy manufactured in italy since 1947

-Dries in 30 to 90 seconds
-High viscosity
-Read and follow pack instructions carefully
1- clean and dry handlebar, throttle pipe and inside grips.
2- if throttle pipe is damaged, replace it. Cover any openings to avoid gluing pipe to handlebar.
3- apply beads of ARIETE SUPER-FAST GLUE to outside of throttle pipe, left end of handlebar and inner end of grips.
4- align the grip in the correct position and quickly slide it on.
5- clean off all excess glue at inner face of grip flange.
6- before operating the vehicle, check that the throttle twist-grip moves freely. Fully open the throttle by turning the grip towards you, and then release it. The twist-grip should turn freely, and return to its normal closed-throttle position.
WARNING:Injurious to eyes and mucous membranes, bonds skin-to-skin in seconds. Harmful if swallowed. Flammable, do not expose to heat or open flame. Contains Cyanoacrilate. VAPOUR IS HARMFUL! Use only in well-ventilated areas, store in a cool dry place and keep container closed when not in use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! 
First aid hints should contact occur...
1) EYES: wash immediately for at least 10 minutes with copious amounts of water, and contact a doctor.
2) SKIN: wash the affected area with warm soapy water, carefully separate the bonded surfaces, and clean skin with a pumice stone. Peel, don't pull!
3) INHALATION: take the person involved out into the open air.
4) SWALLOWING: seek medical help.
In case of spillage, wash immediately, peel off the glue, and wash the affected area.
If you have any problems or doubts, speak to a specialist mechanic, contact, or call +39 0332 310100